GamersGate Specials Now through October 31st - Big Discounts on PC and Mac Videogames!

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Our affiliate, GamersGate, today confirmed their current round of specials for the week in PC and Mac formats, with prices starting as low as $2.99. Click here to go directly to their special offers or check below to see highlights of what is on sale:

Halloween Week Campaign (Now through October 31st):
- NecroVision – 60% OFF
- NecroVision Lost Company – 60% OFF
- Hellforces – 60% OFF
- Cryostasis – 60% OFF
- You Are Empty – 60% OFF
- Vivisector – 60% OFF
- Ghost Master – 50% OFF
- Ghostbusters – 60% OFF
- Obscure – 50% OFF
- Cursed Mountain – 60% OFF
- The Path – 50% OFF
- The Path Mac – 50% OFF
- I Am Not Alone – 60% OFF
- Cryostasis – 50% OFF
- Painkiller: Black Edition – 50% OFF
- Painkiller: Resurrection – 50% OFF
- Painkiller Universe – 50% OFF
- Painkiller – 50% OFF
- Painkiller Overdose – 50% OFF
- Vigil Blood Bitterness – 50% OFF
- Resident Evil 5 – 50% OFF
- Dead Space – 50% OFF
- Darkness Within In Pursuit of Loath Nolder – 50% OFF
- Darkness Within 2 The Dark Lineage – 60% OFF
- Dark Falls Lost Souls – 60% OFF
- Zombie Driver – 50% OFF
- Penumbra Collection – 30% OFF
- Amnesia –30% OFF
- Penumbra + Amnesia – 50% OFF
- Sentinel – Realms of Illusion – 50% OFF
- Neighbors from Hell (all titles) – 50% OFF
- Ugly Prince Duckling – 50% OFF
- Black Mirror – 50% OFF
- Project Anderson – 50% OFF
- Bounce! – 40% OFF

Halloween Weekend Campaign (October 28th through October 31st):
- CSI Crime Scene Investigation – 50% OFF
- CSI Deadly Intent – 50% OFF
- CSI NY The Game – 50% OFF

Sales of the Week (Now through October 31st):
- AI War Fleet Command – 50% OFF
- AI War The Zenith Remnant – 50% OFF
- Tidalis – 50% OFF
- AI War / Zenith Remnant Pack – 40% OFF
- Dawn of Magic 2/ Time of Shadows– 50% OFF


Keith Burgun
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Joined: 09/06/2010
So how is Gamer's Gate?

For a long time, I've been looking for a service that sells old games that will just RUN on WinXP. I tried Steam - it just runs DosBox and poorly at that. X-Com was totally unplayable without tweaking stuff. I tried GOG, and Master of Magic just wouldn't run at all. CTD every time.

The larger point here is that these companies selling this stuff have to realize that torrent sites have been the only way for games to get a hold of a lot of this stuff for a long time, and that's not going to change until they provide a BETTER SERVICE.

If I have two options, either set it all up myself, or pay money (that btw, doesn't go to the original developers anyway since they don't even exist anymore) AND set it all up myself, guess which I'm going to pick?

So how's GamersGate, honestly when it comes to this?

Bill Loguidice
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Joined: 12/31/1969
I only have more modern games

I only have more modern games in my Gamer's Gate account at this time, so I can't comment on any older game implementations that "just run" (I'd have to check as I don't even know if Gamer's Gate carries any older games). I believe all of these services that do though go the DOSbox route, no way around it. You might want to try GameTap, though, as I believe they have some type of browser-based engine to run everything, which should meet the "just run" criteria. I haven't tried them since they moved away from the offline client, though.

Joined: 01/21/2009
First just some thouhgts on a

First just some thouhgts on a few of the game i own fromth list.

NecroVision – 60% OFF --Good FPS, very dark and "hell on earth like"
- Ghost Master – 50% OFF--- Interesting GOD GAME type play, like Dungeon Keeper, you place the traps and ghost and try scare people out of a house, kinda iffy if you dont like those game, if you do it worth a look.
- Ghostbusters – 60% OFF-- I liked this one alot, its pretty fun
Painkiller: Black Edition – 50% OFF-- All pretty frentic FPS games, alot like the Serouis Sam games, lots and lots of enemies, Frantic!
- Resident Evil 5 – 50% OFF-- Not sure what to say about this one, the res Evil games all frustrate me to no end with the lack of ammo.
- Dead Space – 50% OFF-- EXCELLENT scarry game, its very good at what it does, very highly recomeneded.
- Zombie Driver – 50% OFF-- Deathrace from above.. I liked this one
- Penumbra Collection – 30% OFF--I have played these a little, very creepy and pretty hard adventure horror games, slighly clunky interface frustrated me.

- AI War Fleet Command – 50% OFF-- Excellnt Fleet battles games!

XP not doing well with DOS BOX? Hmm DosBox is a pretty solid program nowdays. As its DOS it does depend on the CPU for alot of timing stuff (well the DOS games do) so YES, its the nature of the beast, you will need to tweak. I dont ever think we will see any "click and play" implementations fo the old DOS games. I know where your comming from, and I do think many of the younger users will find it daunting to run these games smooth. Comming from boot disks and memory manger DOS days they are all a breeze to get going for me (though I find some of my knowledge has slipped away in the years). I found the speed up and slow down hot keys (sorry dont know um off top of head) are the biggest things.. speed it up if its jerky, slow it down if its to fast..fixes about 95% of my issues with how dosbox plays games. My biggest annoyance is the jerky/lagged mouse.

Try D-FEND (front end for DOSBOX) it is a graphical interface for setting games up, still requires DOS knowledge and how to set up sound cards and such, but it does make things easier. And many games are pre set up.

GameTap- I used this a metric TON about 3-5 years ago. As Bill said they changed to some Web client, and I have had issues with it updateing so my interest as been limited in the last few years. I did play Age Of mytholgy on it about 4-6 months ago. I must say other then the WEB stuff, I had almost ZERO problems playing games on it, no set up for most (some will have a link to "know issues" and need some tweeking, but of the 100 or so I tired I would say 3-4 had issues. GAMETAPS biggest problem is content, it has had almso thte ame content for ages.. a few new games here and there. I did play ALL the WARLORDS RTS on it, and a few games I never heard of. Some old RPG's, etc.. really no problems. But as i say, not the best sellection either.

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