Expanding the Commodore Amiga 600's Memory

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Memory Expansion for the Commodore Amiga 600Memory Expansion for the Commodore Amiga 600It seems all the best new products for Commodore computers come out of Europe these days. It makes sense, as Commodore had a bigger foothold there in the post Commodore 64 era. In any case, one of the latest products is a nifty expansion for the Commodore Amiga 600, a more obscure entry in the Amiga line from a US-perspective, but certainly more common in Europe.

Here's the full release:

08.06.2006: Memory expansion for Amiga 600 available soon

To a special order from our trade partner AmigaKit (www.amigakit.com), we have developed a memory expansion for the Amiga 600. The technical data in detail:

- 1MB memory for expansion to 2MB chipmem total
- battery-backed up realtime clock
- leak proof lithium battery made in Germany
- clockport for A1200 expansions like Silversurfer, Delfina or Subway
- extremely small design

The expansions will be shipped to AmigaKit starting July 3rd, all
other trade partners will have the product starting july 17th, 2006.
Contrary to announcements of other trade partners, there will be no
expansions without a realtime clock. The recommended sales price is
39,90 EUR incl. 16% German VAT.

You can see a picture of the unit under

If you want to order directly, please use the contact form of our
website under http://amiga.think42.com/email/email_e.htm


Matt Barton
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The 600 Blows

Wow, the Amiga 600. I distinctly remember being pissed off when Commodore released this machine, and even more disgruntled that folks were buying it without realizing they were missing out on the AGA chipset, which pushed the Amiga's graphics up to 16.8 million colors. Why the heck Commodore would release another ECS (4096 color) machine as it was pushing the AGA line (16.7 million colors) in its 1200 and 4000 just doesn't make sense to me. All it created was customer and developer confusion. Commodore also never delivered on an AGA upgrade kit for the Amiga 3000 or any of its other models, but that's another story.

My dad (who for whatever reason resisted the AGA move) convinced one of his friends to buy the 600. We set it up and ran WordPerfect on it...It's hard to believe now that you could actually buy WordPerfect for an Amiga! I remember everyone being more impressed with the pack-in software--Shadow of the Beast III.

Bill Loguidice
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Commodore was too slow in

Commodore was too slow in adopting the CD-ROM drive, the hard drive and better sound abilities, and they were notoriously bad with bringing out unecessary systems, the 600 being one of them. Still, it's cool as an ECS machine and is a nice size. I personally have an Amiga 500, Amiga 2000HD, CD32 and Amiga 1200 in the Amiga line, so I think I'm pretty well covered (eventually, yes, a 3000 and a 4000 would be awesome, but they're quite competitive in getting one at a semi-reasonable price, especially the latter). I doubt I will or could ever get a 600 considering how scarce they were over here in the US and the fact that it's kind of unecessary when you have separate ECS and AGA systems.

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