Mario Kart Mod for Half-Life 2 Engine

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Mario Kart Source: A Half-Life 2 ModMario Kart Source: A Half-Life 2 ModIn the tradition of creative and unanticipated applications for game engines, Mario Kart Source is a Mario Kart 64 modding project for Half-Life 2. Judging by the screenshots and videoclips available on their homepage, this project might be something to keep an eye on. Mario Kart was always my favorite multiplayer racing game--good family fun. I'm sure it's also great for folks who bought Half-Life 2 and want to stretch their buck with a good homebrew mod for its engine. Unfortunately, it's unclear how long we will have to wait for the official release.


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Awesome stuff. Luckily I

Awesome stuff. Luckily I have Half-Life 2 - one of the few "new" PC games I have bought of recent vintage. I just hope they leave out the awful cheating artificial intelligence from the N64 original...

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Love the Karts

I don't think this is an actual mod, but it was fun to watch (and hear the old music).

Google Video of Battlefield Double Dash

I've long wanted a fun kart racer to play between deathmatches at LAN parties but never found one that was even in the same league as Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing. :(

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