Dungeon Master for Atari 8-bit = Dungeon Monster

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It looks like yet another incredible homebrew game is in development, this time an Atari 8-bit computer port of the classic 16-bit RPG, Dungeon Master, which made its way to many computers and consoles in the late 1980's through early 1990's.

Check out some of a mock-up and video of the conversion below, and be sure to visit the AtariAge forum post announcing the game's development:

Dungeon Monster (Atari 8-bit preview build)Dungeon Monster (Atari 8-bit preview build)


Matt Barton
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This reminds me; at some

This reminds me; at some point I need to remake my Dungeon Master Matt Chat. I used a song from archive.org that was public domain, but for whatever stupid reason, Sony of Germany keeps saying it's their copyrighted material. I've tried to appeal it twice, but they are just being ignorant (and there's no way to send a message or explain the problem to them). The end result is that the video is blocked in Germany! Argh.

I wish I could interview the original team. That'd be a hoot.

Keith Burgun
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Damn Sony of Germany

I would have thought after WWII we would have kept those two separated.

Rowdy Rob
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It looks good, but (technical factors?)

The mummy looks like a very big bitmap! This concerns me, because it makes me wonder just how far this game can go beyond the "prototype/tech demo" phase.

Most of the 8-bit machines had very limited memory and disk capacity, so unless the game consists mostly of mummies attacking you, I wonder just how far they can go without constantly accessing the disk(s), or without making a game that couldn't have existed (practically) during the 8-bit Atari era. 48k isn't a whole lot of memory, and these large enemies/monsters have to be taking up a fair chunk of memory to store/display, especially with different angles, sizes, and animations to consider!

I do hope I'm wrong, though! It does look like a potentially awesome game!

Mark Vergeer
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game map representation in memory...

The machines will probably use most memory for the bitmaps and the graphics but they will be able to save memory when they map the game-maps into memory in a smart way. You could use a single byte to store 255 room variants on an 8 bit machine. Anyways it will be a difficult feat.


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