20th Anniversary Famitsu Issue a Gem

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Wish I could scan in the most recent copy of famed Japanese magazine Famitsu Weekly, because it is a 20th Anniversary Issue which contains several retro-gaming articles, including a large supplement with mini-reviews on the best games up until the end of the PSX era.

Although my knowledge of Japanese is fairly limited, it's still very interesting to flip through the photos and see what games Japan's most popular gaming magazine considered significant (hint: every Dragon Quest game ever made is on the list).

If I had a scanner, I would scan a page or two, but I don't. Still, it's a neat issue (the issue itself has 10 pages devoted to Dragon Quest and another 10 page article on the history of different game genres.


Matt Barton
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Isn't there an equivalent of Kinko's around there somewhere? They always have scanners available, though the ones here can be touchy about copyrights.

Mat Tschirgi (not verified)
Given the outrageous price

Given the outrageous price of Kinkos in the USA, I would not want to waste my money on one in Japan.

I do have a secondhand scanner I can try out when I get back home, though.

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