MaximumRD checks out the Hyperkin Retron3 MultiClone console

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MaximumRD checks out the Hyperkin Retron3 MultiClone console.

Yes folks I realize this item has already been reviewed extensively and very well
by other great reviewer's like Rich from ReviewTech and ClassicGame Room,
Gamester81 etc, so apologies for being a little "Late to the Game" so to speak
(see what I did there? Huh? Huh?) but being my very first "Clone" type home console
(FC Mobile II was a handheld) I just had to have a look, share my thoughts and opinions
so you guys can decide whether or not you might like to spring for one! I figure
my subscribers wont mind hearing my take on things over all and I will try to put my
own style/spin on things while hopefully not re-hashing what others have already
said too much lol!

Purchased from STONE AGE GAMER:

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RetroN3 (NES+SNES+Genesis)
Choose Your Color: Vector Red (Also available in Charcoal Gray)

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