Episode 2: CRPGs, SHMUPS, Owning a Personal Computer, Girls and Games, Metroid Metal

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Armchair Arcade is proud to present the second episode of Armchair Arcade Radio. Hosted by Matt Barton, this episode features the music of Metroid Metal and segments from each member of Armchair Arcade: Mark Vergeer, Bill Loguidice, Christina Loguidice, and Chris Kennedy.

Episode Two 48K version
Episode Two 128K version

Topics and Approximate Times Below:

  • Matt Barton talks classic turn-based computer role-playing games and why nobody is making them anymore (00:02:43)
  • Mark Vergeer and everything you ever wanted to know about shoot'em up games (00:26:09)
  • Bill Loguidice talks about the history and reasons for owning a personal computer, starting from 1980 (00:51:05)
  • Christina Loguidice explains why more women and girls aren't interested in gaming (01:00:59)
  • Chris Kennedy interviews Grant Henry, Father Brain of Metroid Metal (01:10:50)

Links mentioned in this episode:
Metroid Metal
Band Camp - Metroid Metal

The podcast is available in 48K and 128K formats. Don't forget to comment below on what you think of the episode. If you are not a member of AA, just use the Join/Contact Us button above to set up your account.

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Bill Loguidice
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Joined: 12/31/1969
Thanks, Carl. We have no

Thanks, Carl. We have no plans on stopping, so no worries there. And it's true, we have many ideas for future episodes (some will require more time and experience than others) and will continue to experiment. These are all prototype shows that are hopefully listenable and can stand on their own already. Episode 3 will already be a departure from previous shows in a few ways, not the least of which is this will be the first episode that will feature our newest team member, Rob.

I'm not sure if we'll ever settle on a strict formula or format simply because I think what will ultimately define the show is how we'll always cover topics not because we have to or are expected to, but because we're moved to. I always envisioned this as a mirror of Armchair Arcade, which in and of itself is rather freeform. Most of us also do videos which I think are a reflection of Armchair Arcade's core concepts, and some of us - namely me - looks forward to the time when some of the other projects lessen their time requirements and more focus can be placed on those as well (I have three pending videos, waiting for edits; just no time to do it). In any case, I like how we're playing in all three major forms of media - "print", audio, and video - and can use any and all to get across whatever message we wish to as befits the message. It's that kind of fluidity that I think has kept us going with this for 7+ years.


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