The Making of Maniac Mansion

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Edge Magazine has just posted The Making Of: Maniac Mansion. The three-page article features comments from Ron Gilbert, David Fox (author of Rescue on Fractalus) and Gary Winnick. It gives a good overview of the design process and thinking behind the game.


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Thanks Matt. I had a major

Thanks Matt. I had a major "thing" for this game as a kid. A couple of my friends talked about playing it on their computers, and it sounded like one of the best games ever made. Then I saw the feature in Nintendo Power and knew I had to have it - and when I finally played it, I loved it, and it inspired me to make my own crude (crude technically and crude humour-wise) adventure games.

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I wonder why David Fox is

I wonder why David Fox is credited mainly for Rescue on Fractalus. Zak McKracken is arguably his master piece.

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Well worth the read.

Thanks for putting up the link Matt, that was well worth the read, very interesting indeed. I have in fact never played Maniac Mansion, but given that Monkey Island 1 and 2 are among my all time favourites, I think I'll have to!


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