"You're Not Worthy": A History of Over-the-Top Game Ads

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Infocom's Brain Ad: But Mom, I asked for King's Quest!Infocom's Brain Ad: But Mom, I asked for King's Quest!Gamesetwatch is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs, if for no other reason than they consistently post great stuff like Game Ads A-Go-Go: Visual Hyperbole, a look at silly game ads that put the hype in hyperbole. What I want to know is why videogames are so prone to over-hyping. Unfortunately, the hype works like a feedback loop, so that every new product has to up the ante with even more hype. The new Madden game? Oh, I guess it's probably even more realistic than actually being on the field...At least Nintendo had the sense to scale down the "Revolution" and go with something a wii bit more sensible.

By the way, the author of the piece is the Editor-in-Chief of Vintage Computing and Gaming, yet another great blog that will undoubtedly help me wile away my summer hours.

What's your favorite game ad? I'd have to say mine was the Duke Nukem ad with the motto, "It's my way or--Hell, no it's my way!" quotation on it. However, I guess my Google skills are failing this morning, because I can't find it anywhere!