Molyneux: Enjoy Indie iPhone Games While They Last

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An online magazine called Develop has published an interview with Peter Molyneux. One of the more interesting pronouncements concerns the iPhone, where Molyneux predicts Triple-A games will eventually replace all the low-budget indie games currently raging on the device:

They will nibble away at the market. My advice for anyone doing iPhone games is to be original, think about the things the big companies won’t try.

What do you think? Is the current explosion of creativity witnessed on the iPhone and iPad soon to give way to insipid licensed-titles by the big boys?


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Check the top-grossing games:

Check the top-grossing games: (Column on the right)
It's already loaded with licensed titles from big studios (Tetris, The Sims, Tiger Woods, etc) that are priced higher than indie games but are of no better quality. Why bother spending $5 million on a game when you can hire 2 or 3 people for two or three months & make the same profit.

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Looking at the state of the

Looking at the state of the market, the top-grossing games list looks very similar to the lists from the 80's, with a mix of independent producers and large companies. I think Peter was dead on with his prediction that the same thing will happen with mobile development that happened with the computer games industry in the 80's: the big companies will slowly but surely absorb all the talent of the higher quality small production houses and transform the marketplace. The bigger companies will imitate the more successful games of the smaller companies, but will be faster to develop and innovate, because of their huge number of resources available. Smaller companies will transform into studios of the large companies with their full backing, support, and management.

It'll be interesting how this all pans out, but I think Peter Molyneux is dead on with his observations.

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I don't agree with the

I don't agree with the sentiment, Matt. As with any software library that numbers in the tens of thousands and growing daily, there is already an overwhelming amount of titles, good and bad. It used to be that you could put up a good fart app and you'd have good sales, but I think that that has changed dramatically and for some time now. You probably do need the backing of a big company's advertising budget to increase your chances of standing out, but it's probably still mostly a mixture of good game, good reviews, right price point, and a tremendous amount of luck typical of any platform that will help sales the most. As with anything, just being more clever is simply not enough.


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