Videotopia and Videogame Addiction

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Wow! Looks like we hit the motherload today with tons of fresh content that's eminently worthwile. It all starts with Coin-Op TV's interview with Jeff Anderson, curator of the fabulous Videotopia traveling museum exhibit dedicated to videogames. Jeff's an awesome dude! I know you'll be surprised to discover the exhibit's most popular vintage game (hint, it's not Pacman or Pong!). Also on the queue is this absolutely hilarious "vintage" SNL skit about videogame addiction I found on Kotaku this morning (see YouTube clip beneath the fold!). I almost fell out of my chair laughing! Oh, and don't forget to peek at the new Bomberman.

Also, here's today's Armchair Arcade retrochallenge: Can you be the first to correctly identify all the games shown in the skit's screenshots? Many are easy, but a few are more obscure. Good luck!


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Hadn't seen it before!!

This was great! Poor Alan, hit by a garbage truck on the way to play a video game, hahahahahahaha!!!

I was listening to the radio this afternoon while the daughter was in dance class. The talk show featured two ladies, said they were blond, and sounded to be in their mid-30's. The show was mainly about how guys are pigs and how women rule. They started talking about why men love gaming so much and pulled a stat about males playing games on average 3.5 hours a week (I beat that in a couple days!). They both didn't understand what the attraction was and equated men playing games to women shopping. Felt sorry for them, hahaha.


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