Disc-Less Netflix for PS3

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Looks like there's some relief coming from PS3 owners with Netflix subscriptions--Joystiq reports that sometime before October a new version of the interface will allow Netflix viewing without the disc.

I'm curious how many people out there are using game consoles to stream Netflix. I know I just watch them all on my computer, but I can see how it would be handy.


Bill Loguidice
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I hear you!
Catatonic wrote:

You can definitely do well ditching cable & satellite if you don't watch live sports. Otherwise, get used to those $100+ bills (and getting worse every year).

Well, again, it's a racket. They charge quite a bit of money for a la carte Internet access. If there was someone else in high speed Internet OTHER than phone and cable companies here in the US, then it might be a more practical option. Once I add up all the costs, then the lost convenience of being able to watch certain things, etc., I just give in and pay the $230 a month. I also have three other people in my house I have to consider, each with their own needs/requirements (my six year old is getting into talking on the phone with her friends, for instance, and having the unlimited landline is certainly a convenience so we don't have to tie up our cell phones).


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