Kindle Upgrade

davyK's picture

While charging my Kindle up last week I left the 3G on and lo and behold I got a free upgrade to the firmware. The first thing I noticed is the font change (though this does tend to vary from book to book) and the fact that page turns are now a bit quicker.

You can also arrange your books into collections which will be useful once I start to get a larger number of books (my collection is now split over 2 pages on my main menu). I'm currently reading King's Dark Tower series and I've those together in a collection. There is also a wider range of font sizes.

The browsing in the UK has improved - I can now actually go to sites other than wikipedia and amazon at last! I don't see me using this as a browsing device too much - but it is a great feature to have for quick look ups.

There is another feature that ranks the bookmarks other users have made for the books I have on the device which may be of interest too.

In all, I'm still quite sold on this device and like the fact that it is in essence a device purely for reading - a task to which it is beautifully matched and I would still recommend it as an eReader despite the hoohah about the iPad - the main reason being that e-ink display.