What do you think of my DropZap game?

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Marketing on the app store is

Marketing on the app store is tough. Here are a few things you can try:

- Choose good keywords (very important)
- Make good screen shots.
- Make sure the first screen shot is the best one.
- Make your game free, possibly with iAds, with in-app purchases to disable ads, unlock levels & features, etc. Personally I think this is the way to go. Free games get something like 100x as many downloads as paid games. In-app purchase for unlocking features is easy to do. iAds, I'm not sure about at the moment - they only have ads in the USA right now, and very small inventory, so lots of apps with iAds are not getting any ads displayed yet.
- Have a sale once in a while. There are web sites & apps that tell people what apps have lowered their price recently.
- Send free copies to reviewers. Unfortunately promo codes only work in USA. I also found that most review sites don't review anything without you paying them.
- Get grassroots support from your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
- Make good videos on YouTube and make a good description so people will find it and watch it

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How can I make DropZap more popular?

Any marketing tips?

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Hey this looks pretty nice actually!

I think it actually looks and plays very well.


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