Make it stop!!!!

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OK first of all where did this come form all of a sudden?
Secondly, I cannot afford yet another open source handheld already!

GamePark's GP2X Caanoo handheld hits this August, picks up where the Wiz left off.


Bill Loguidice
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Thanks for the tip. It looks

Thanks for the tip. It looks like a non-starter to me, though. For a device like this, I'd really a keypad, even if it's a texting style mini one like is found on some phones or the Xbox communicator. With that simple addition, it opens up being able to properly emulate computers, which is why I like the design of the Pandora, even though that costs more than double the expected price of this thing.

If there wasn't already the GP2X F series or the Wiz or any of the other similar emulator handhelds, then I would think this is just fine. There is though, so I can't see it being something I'd personally want to own.

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i did love my GP2X, quite

i did love my GP2X, quite possilby my favorite handheld. If battery life was just a bit more I might still be using it. Outdated today (emulation speed wise) but it was amazing when it came out the stuff it could do. The battery life of rouhgly 4 hours was "almost" good enough, but not quite. And the horribly thumbstick (i have an early one). Still mine got used alot when new. An updated version might just entice me. Price is a factor for me, keeping it as close to $100 means I might take a look ($150 is almost to much for somthing I KNOW will just sit on the shelf with my PSP, DS, etc..). I will have to read up more on this. It appears to have a better stick and otherwise the same button layout with larger screen and the "standard" accelerometer and vibration everybody adds now day (to suck battery life).. vibration.. hope you can turn it off.

We do have a glut of Gee-Whiz toys now days dont we?

Mark Vergeer
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No go

The gp2x wiz was/is a cool machine. I think they really terminated the wiz too soon. Of course gph opted to use a non standard analog stick so backwards compatibility with the wiz binaries will probably not be the case. Don't get me wrong I own just about any gph device out there. I am waiting for my Pandora still....

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one big upside should be that

one big upside should be that all the old stuff should port pretty easy as its really an Update of an older machine (if they wan to admit it or not). With Pandora (not that it would be hard) you will have to add for the keyboard, etc to old code if you want to use it. Easier ports generaly have a better chance on obscure equipment then rewrote ports. But of course if they take off, that point is moot as the ports will come with user base no matter what.
Most of this handheld stuff is going to be a really tough sell now with Phones taking that market on. Nintendo will alwasy print money with there handhelds.. but the rest.. who knows with how phones are advancing.

I have always wondered when people have the time to play games on phones, I am an avid gamer, but seldom find more then a 2-3 minutes to play on my phone, and rarely (like 2-4 times in the last 2 years) an hour of boredom where its my entertainment. But I do not live in a city where cabs or trains are transportation, I drive everywhere, and if i ride with somebody we normaly talk. Its more of a wierd concept to me (people in large cities) to use public transportation or do meetings and such where you do alot of waiting. I'm lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it) I do not have alot of "wait" time away from home.
Stuff like my GP2X are more a "wow, cool, lookw what i got it to do thing" then a real game machine. I spent hours getting emu's going on my GP and PSP, XBOX, etc.. to see If i could, far more time then I spent playing.

Though I must admit the Snes RPG's did get played more then a few nights when I was going to bed on the GP2X, not that I didnt have a SNES to play um on... it was just cool to do it on that handheld :)

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