Lego my SNEX!

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The SNEX: If you get SNEX, you can forget about SEX.The SNEX: If you get SNEX, you can forget about SEX.For God's sake, why? Why smush an Xbox and SNES together in a case made out of Lego blocks and post a dozen pictures of the process on the net? Sadly, some part of me--albeit some deep, dark part that also finds microwave hot and spicy BBQ pork rinds fascinating--finds this sort of thing admirable. It's amazing what a crafty individual can do given enough time, Lego blocks, electronics, and acid. Oops, did I say acid? I meant, er, Jello Pudding Pops.

There's some funny commentary about this at Kotaku and Destructoid, but I first read about it here.


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Interesting stuff, albeit the colors of his design are a bit off-putting. I would have gone for a more color coordinated design myself. I doubt Lego-blocks are the perfect building blocks for an alternative console-casing, they tend to insulate big time.

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