Tim Cain on Fallout Part II

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Here's part 2 of my interview with RPG maestro Tim Cain. This is a bittersweet episode in which Tim talks about how the unexpected (by Interplay, anyway) of Fallout led to his loss of creative control over the franchise--and the many concessions he had to make to Interplay's marketing team. Tim is clearly one of us, fully aware of the importance of good packaging, manuals, and the little touches that separate a great game from a good one.


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Excellent video. That was a

Excellent video. That was a fast 10 minutes.

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Appreciate the stills

Yup, good video. I really appreciate the stills and quotes used to illustrate Tim's words.

Interesting to hear about the marketing department trying to destroy the very things that I would have thought Marketing departments would be pushing. Unusual boxes, well written manual; things already proven to work the first time around.


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