Sean Cooper Talks Syndicate

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In part two of my interview with him, Sean Cooper discusses the making of Syndicate, one of the best action strategy games of the 90s and "Bullfrog's finest hour." I don't know about you, but I'd sure like to play his multiplayer version.


Chris Kennedy
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Hey Matt

Enjoyed hearing him talk a little Syndicate. It was a fun game that felt quite unique at the time of its release.

I can't remember if I mentioned this in the Matt Chat response for your original Syndicate episode, but I actually couldn't get 3 MB of free EMS memory on a 4 MB machine. I actually had to upgrade to 8 MB in order to do it. That is the long story short. Good times...

On the subject of multiplayer, I was a little confused. Sean said multiplayer didn't make the final release of Syndicate, and that is true. However, American Revolt *did* include multiplayer. He didn't mention that. I guess they eventually adapted whatever his version of multiplayer was and appended it to the American Revolt release? The one thing I did remember is that not many people had IPX/SPX networked computers around that time. I ran a networked DOOM game over a null modem cable in the mid-early nineties, but Syndicate:AR didn't set itself up for something that fancy. Either that, or I never tried it over a cable like I did DOOM.


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