Sean Cooper Interview (Part One, Early Days)

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Here it is! The first part of my interview with Mr. Sean Cooper. In this episode, we discuss Sean's youth and early days at Bullfrog, one of the best developers of the early 1990s.

I don't know much about the Archimedes! Seven times faster than the Amiga and Atari ST? I'd love to hear more about this intriguing platform and why it didn't fare better on the international stage.


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I have an Acorn Electron and

I have an Acorn Electron and Acorn BBC Micro, both British computers. A version of the BBC Micro was released in the US, but it immediately tanked and was never heard from again. The Acorn Archimedes was the next generation successor for the earlier 8-bit computers, and naturally, it was only released in the UK. It's my understanding that the Archimedes never made headway against the ST or the Amiga, and only had marginal success in schools. Better (though a relative term and debatable in this case) does not always equal success. Acorn really had their greatest success in schools, but due to the high price - particularly of the BBC Micro - it didn't have the same mainstream success as computers like the ZX Spectrum and C-64. I have a feeling (though I'm by no means well versed on the subject) that that hurt the Archimedes, as did its lack of international appeal at a time when that was critical (as opposed to when the ZX Spectrum came out, for instance).


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