N64/GB/GBC Combi and Atari 2600 Plug-in Adapters being Prepared for Retrode USB Adapter

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RetrodeRetrodeJust a quick bit of breaking news that the Retrode (formerly: snega2usb), a USB adapter for playing Super Nintendo/Famicom and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis cartridges legally on your PC, smartphone, laptop, network router, Wii, Pandora, etc., will soon have N64/GB/GBC combi and Atari 2600 plug-in adapters. Great news for a product with an ever expanding feature-set.

Check the official update below for more details or simply visit the Website:

Dear Retrode Enthusiasts,

Spring has come--time for another newsletter :) Having to teach a weekly class, write up a thesis, and work on 4 research projects (each of them full-time, of course), you can imagine how happy I am whenever I find a few minutes to work on the Retrode. But it does happen from time to time, enough to have some good news for the month of May. Here we go:

(0) Purchasing a Retrode

People from non-Euro countries who are tinkering with the idea of getting a Retrode can now get a good price due to the current exchange rate. My supplies should last another four weeks or so.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a huge problem with orders from Brazil.
Out of the 14 Brazilian orders I received, not a single payment made it to my account. This could be a PayPal problem, so if you are running into trouble placing an order, please get back to me.

By the way, I was able to lower the prices for T-shirts, USB cables, the and the Sonic2&Knuckles mod by a little bit. Get them while they're hot :)

US residents can also order through http://stoneagegamer.com/ .

(1) Community forum

Retrodist Iain came up with the idea of a user forum. In fact, only a few days ago he launched one on his own webspace. Let's all join the chap for some jolly chit-chat in the Unofficial Retrode Forum :)


(2) Solution to Mini-Contest

In last month's contest, we had to decipher a MP3 file and find the hidden message. The solution was far from trivial, but quite a few folks actually found it: a video of a spinning cube. Congratulations to the winners, Guido, Kevin and David! The next contest will be about your very own Retrode story - stay tuned for the June issue :)


(3) 2nd feature on Gizmodo and Crunchgear

A review of the Retrode by ReviewTechUSA was picked up by the tech buzz sites of Gizmodo and Crunchgear, hooray!


(4) New firmware version coming up

Somewhere between my day-to-day occupations I managed to put some more work into the firmware. Lots of new functions coming with the next version:

- SNES mouse support
- game controller support deactivated by default: speeds up detection
by the OS
- improved config file handling
- tidy, unified cartridge and adapter detection
- tidy, unified file handling and larger virtual FAT (32MB -> 128MB)
- support for A2600 carts via plug-in adapter (ROM)
- support for N64 carts via plug-in adapter (ROM)
- support for TurboGrafx-16 carts via plug-in adapter (ROM)
(adapter idea contributed by AaronE at www.consoleclassix.com)
- support for GBA carts via plug-in adapter (ROM)
- support for GB/GBC carts via plug-in adapter (ROM)
- support for Virtual Boy carts via plug-in adapter (ROM)
(adapter idea contributed by JonY at www.consolingmyself.co.uk)

The firmware will undergo some testing and then be made available to Retrode owners via the firmware mailing list. If you want to join that mailing list, please drop me a line.

(5) Speaking of plug-in adapters...

I am currently preparing an order for Atari 2600 plug-in adapters, and the N64/GB/GBC combi plug-in. They will be about EUR 10 for the Atari and EUR 25 for the N64/GB/GBC combo. If you are interested, I'd appreciate if you could place an informal pre-order by replying to this mail. Just some more polishing, then I will also post the schematic to the N64/etc. plug-in on the Retrode website.


(6) Up next

The next volume of Video Game Trader magazine will feature a review of the Retrode.

That's it for today. See you over at Iain's!
http://iains.info/retrodeforum/ :)