Hyperkin at it again - RetroN 3 Video Gaming System plays NES, SNES, and Genesis

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Hyperkin RetroN 3 Video Gaming SystemHyperkin RetroN 3 Video Gaming SystemAs detailed in my previous blog post and video, Hyperkin is no stranger to creating low cost videogame consoles and portables. Their RetroN 3 Video Gaming System, which is detailed here, claims compatibility with Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES), and Sega Genesis cartridges via its three cartridge ports and wireless Sega 6-button controller clone controllers. Hyperkin's previous products were plagued by d-pad issues and game compatibility glitches.

I for one am skeptical of the soundness of its purchase worthiness after my previous experience with their product(s), as my disappointment was primarily due to a poor controller and to a lesser, but no less important, degree on game glitches...

UPDATE: This unit not only has the three different cartridge slots, but also three sets of two controller ports to match the respective original systems. That's certainly good news. Now all they need to get in order is the compatibility, since S-Video output (hopefully across all three systems, not just the SNES and Genesis) is standard (as well as stereo sound) and it actually could be a killer rig. Also, note that the $69.99 is the suggested retail price and the link is ONLY good for resellers at the moment, so there are still some specifics up in the air. I guess we'll know more after it's officially unveiled at E3 in June.

Thanks to Marty Goldberg for the heads-up via Facebook.


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Well, I still haven't managed

Well, I still haven't managed to find a good NES or SNES console that wasn't ridiculously overpriced or in decrepit condition. Granted, those systems are low priority for me, since the emulation is 100% on PC. I have two Genesis consoles and some decent (but not great) controllers. the consoles seem in pretty bad condition; lots of shoving and jostling necessary to get any of the games to work (and yes, I did try cleaning everything many times).

I'm more interested ATM in building up my Xbox and PS2 libraries.

Junkmale (not verified)
Bring on the clones

I actually collect this sort of thing and now have over 100 'clones' of various consoles . You can see some pics over here -


I love them. It's the infinite variety of shapes, colours and box art that draw me to them. You can normally pick them up for next to nothing as well.
Hyperkin clones are usually pretty impressive and well made and i have high hopes for this one.
It's not the first 3-in-one console on the market. There are already others and have been for quite a while now. Like this one -


If anyone is genuinely interested in the subject i would be happy to expand with a bit more detail of my collection.
For general info on famiclones i can recommend this site 100% -


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