Custom Xbox 360 Arcade Controller

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Custom 360 Arcade ControllerCustom 360 Arcade ControllerI posted this a couple of years ago on another site, but I recently found myself thinking about creating another controller. I thought I would post my work here just for kicks and encourage those of you that want to try "hardware homebrew." It is really a lot of fun.

My recent thoughts center around Microsoft's Game Room. I thought it would be a lot of fun to build a Gravitar controller, but it sounds like many here haven't had a good opinion of the 360's Game Room.

In any case, here is the Custom Street Fighter II style controller I built in 2008 for the X-box 360:

Here is one of the larger controller projects I've done. (click to enlarge)

This is a homemade arcade stick for the Xbox 360. It's initial design came about when SF2 HF was released for Xbox Live Arcade back in early 2006. It is obviously designed around Street Fighter 2. The layout and colors of the buttons give that away.


  • Authentic Happ arcade controls
    • Competition 8 way joystick
    • Competition arcade buttons (convex)
  • Wood casing
  • Full 360 button set including guide and sync buttons
  • Wireless
  • Headphone jack
  • DOA4 style button layout

The inside was built off of an official Microsoft Xbox 360 controller (early revision - Wireless Matrix controller)

As mentioned above, the button layout was similar to that of the DOA4 Arcade Stick by HORI. The colors are all in the same place as the DOA4 stick. They aren't labeled, but they are easy to memorize if you are used to the HORI stick. No LEDs in this design, but I thought the 1 Player start arcade button would be a nice item to use for the 360's guide button.

There is a noticeable height difference (as well as weight difference)

I find it very easy to use for SF2. The stick and buttons are slightly to the left side of the controller. This is easier on the hands as the left hand is always stationary compared to the right hand which tends to move quite a bit during combat.
I'm interested in hearing from anyone regarding this design. How would you design your own controller? Concave or convex? Ergonomically placed buttons (DOA4 stick) or straight line (SF2 cabinet)?


Carlos Bragatto (not verified)
Check out mine here

Check out mine here

It's intentionally dislocated to right so I have lots of space to have my left arm supported all the times.

It's a great joystick, based off a PS2/USB joystick. It works on the 360, but the button mapping is very weird. I should redo it using a 360 stick.


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Nice clean job. I built a

Nice clean job. I built a standup about 10 years ago (mame) but now it has all the emu's i can find, and even some old Dos/win95 etc games that lend to an Arcade cab controler. Back when i built it they where not quite as common as they are now (google "BYOAC" for lots of homemade sticks and cabs and places to get parts). When i built mine I was a huge fan of SMASH TV (and its offspring, (and its grandfather Robotron)) so mine is set up for 4 player so 2 sticks can be used for 2 player games that require it.

Since then i have joined the ranks of couch sitters. The cab hasnt been turned on in at least 2 years I think. I built a media PC that also does double duty as a Mame/emu machine with 4 MS 360 gamepads. not as nice as "real" controls but much easier. And the frontend software out there nowdays makes running them all form a gamepad easy. but I must say for fighting games you have hte right idea, nothing can beat a stick and 6 buttons.

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