The Top Free Browser-based Videogame and Computer Emulator Sites - May 2010 Edition

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Tass Times in Tone Town (Activision, 1986; Apple IIGS): From Virtual Apple 2Tass Times in Tone Town (Activision, 1986; Apple IIGS): From Virtual Apple 2I'd like to provide the latest update to my list of working emulator sites for various platforms. All of these enable play directly within your browser, so there's no sticky business of downloading software and finding the necessary game files to get it all going. These are all great sites and we should all show our support. This is the "May 2010" edition of the list and, naturally, I'd love to keep adding to it, so suggest away. Here goes:

* - Play various Atari 2600 Video Computer Systems games
* Another World (aka, Out of this World; 1991)
* - Play select Atari 2600 and Atari arcade favorites
* - Play various Commodore 64 games
* First-Person Tetris (NES version)
* (Scott Adams section) - Play various Scott Adams/Adventure International text adventures
* JEMU - Emulate and play on the Acorn BBC Model B, Amstrad CPC464, Dick Smith VZ-300, Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K, Sinclair ZX80, and Sinclair ZX81
* - Play Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)/Famicom games
* Play Infocom Adventures Online
* Sandy White's Ant Attack
* - Play Sierra adventure games
* SC-3000 Survivors - Play Sega SC-3000/SG-1000 games
* The Gallery of Zork - Infocom museum and plenty of games to play (click on "The Canon")
* Virtual Apple 2 - Play Apple II and IIGS games
* Virtual Atari - Play Atari 2600 games
* vNES - Play Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)/Famicom games
* ZX81 Software, Books and Hardware Collection - Play ZX81/Timex Sinclair 1000 games


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Frame rate

It displays the frame rate below the controls.

If you are not getting 50fps (which is the frame rate for VecX), it is running too slow.

I am getting 50fps plus some extra (meaning it has time to wait prior to processing the next frame) with Chrome. What FPS is it displaying for you?

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