Ten Questions from Gnome's Lair (Interview with Matt Barton)

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There's an interview up at Gnome's Lair called Ten Gnomish Questions, an interview with Matt Barton. I had a great time answering these questions; enjoy. I've posted a few additional thoughts below.

Regarding editing on a Mac, I do indeed have an iMac in my office at school. The thought had occurred to me to try editing on that, but unfortunately lack the software for it (except for iMovie). Sadly, though, judging from what I've seen from other Mac video editors, there are very few codecs that work well on that platform. However, it's still something I'll keep on the table until I hear from other Mac folks.

What I'd probably prefer is to get Avid software or perhaps Sony Vegas Pro. I'm already familiar with the software, but I'm not sure if the pro version is more stable (I'll assume that it is considering it's $600 or so). It'd also be nice (as long as I'm dreaming) to get a dedicated video editing computer, a professional mic, and After Effects. Oh, and some professional lights and a green screen. Might as well get a house so I'll have enough room for a full studio. LOL! The only thing I really need is a Super Moose.

One question I missed was "why RPGs?" There are several reasons why I prefer this genre. For one, I like the idea of building up a party from scratch, gradually increasing in power. A true meritocracy only exists in games, particularly RPGs!

Secondly, I like being able to explore a world without having to worry about using walkthroughs. The problem with adventure games is that you can get stumped and unable to continue the game without cheating. With an RPG, the problems are usually scalable, and you can operate at your comfort level. If the game is too hard, you can return to a lower level and kill more monsters to gain a few levels, then return. It's not like an adventure game, where you just come to a crashing halt until you work out that one incomprehensible solution.

Thirdly, RPGs combine my other two favorite genres: adventure and strategy. I love good characters and stories, but I also love strategy and tactics. I love RPGs that really let you plan out complicated strategies and then see them play out. It's always fun to see a battle riding on a roll of the dice, too. It's not that I don't enjoy a good action sequence, but in general I prefer brains to dexterity with a mouse or gamepad. I also like the party-based games because you also get the joy of working with a team. You can imagine these friends or fellow adventurers working together to solve problems. That's superior (in my opinion) to the lonely games like Oblivion where you always seem to be alone.

I like what Bioware is doing with the NPCs, but I still would prefer the old system where you could make most of your characters yourself. I don't mind swapping one or two NPCs in and out of the party, but I want more than a single PC. You just can't ever feel as close to an NPC or pre-made, pre-defined character as one you roll yourself.


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Thanks for that extra

Thanks for that extra -lovely- answer!

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