Breaker Pro for Playstation

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Got myself this non-invasive mod for my Playstation. It comes with a boot disc and three odd little widgets for enabling disc swapping on both PS1 models and the PS2.

I have an original shaped PS1 and you use the supplied small metal cylinder with a spring which fits over the sensor that detects if the drive is open or closed. It is very easy to fit. You boot the console up with the Breaker Pro in the drive. The menu lets you select the video mode (PAL, NTSC) and you then select "Start game". This stops the drive spinning - you open the drive, swap the game (imports or backups) and then press a button to start the game.

I have only 1 PS1 import game - Gradius Gaiden - and it works fine. (great shmup by the way). I haven't tried this on my PS2 yet. There's a plastic card for opening the PS2 drive to disc swap but its looks to be more fiddly - I'll probably just stick with the PS1. There's also a small insert for PSOne owners that defeats the drive open sensor but I don't have a PSOne.

I had hoped to be able to play my PAL PS1 games in NTSC mode but if I try that using this method the image is shifted down and I lose the bottom of the screen. It looks like the game display starts where a PAL game would expect to. All PS1s can output a PAL or NTSC signal - its the game that selects it so I'm not surprised it doesn't really work prefectly with PAL games. If I can find NTSC backups of my PAL games I may give that a go.

This package is recommended for PS1/PSOne - it seems to do the job fine - though I don't fancy trying it with the PS2 as it looks fiddly.


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Interesting device...

Interesting way of being able to play imported discs on the original playstation.


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