Issue 39 of the Commodore Free magazine - April 2010, Now Available!

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The latest issue of the excellent Commodore Free magazine is now available in the usual .PDF, .txt, .seq, .d64, and .html formats. Get your copy in the format of your choice here!


* Editorial
* Readers Comments
* Commodore USA, LLC
- New Version: D64Lister 1.7
- CCS64 Updated
- BASIC Game Competition
- Amiga Zorro RAMBoard
- Digital Talk 90
- TAP Clean
- Clear Competition Pro
- Commodore Plus/4 Spreadsheet
- Datatool
- Return Issue 2
- VIC20 Twitter Client
- New Version of SD2IEC Released
- PET Alive!
- Commodore Free
- John Fielden
- Peter Badrick
- Chris Syntichakis
- Commodore Free (2)
- Shaun Bebbington
- Charles J. Gutman



Peter L (not verified)
Great read…..the information

Great read…..the information is poignant very interesting please keep them coming !!

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