Co-Op Parenting? Fable 3's "Baby Making"

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Wow--now this really sounds interesting. Apparently Fable 3 will let co-op players have sex and eventually have children. Details seem scarce, and some are already thinking back to the seeds and trees thing from Molyneux. Even if it doesn't work out, though, I think we can all see the potential of something like this.

I don't know of any cases personally, but surely there have been MUDs or MMOs that let you do this sort of thing, though I wonder how the games handle the responsibility part of it. Are the kids just treated as pets? Do they grow up, if so, how does that work? Will the game let you take control of them? I can see some potential here for multi-generational games. I know there have been some role-playing games that played on that concept (most notably Phantasy Star III).

I guess what's interesting to me about this is the co-op nature of it. Is the expectation that two male friends will create two characters of the opposite sex and mate them, or is it intended for couples who play the game together? I don't see many guys doing the former, unless of course as a joke or to get some kind of advantage from it that could affect gameplay.

I agree with the Joystiq's take on the voice messages. Can you imagine having to tell your co-op friend that you're pregnant with his baby? LOL.


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Seems like a logical

Seems like a logical extension of the themes explored in the excellent Fable 2. Honestly, I'm more intrigued by the integration with Project Natal than incremental improvements to an already solid game foundation, but it will no doubt be the incremental improvements that will have the staying power and provide a great basis for future games to expand upon than the actual Natal support.


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