Atari 2600 Air Raid Cartridge for $31,600

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Bill Loguidice
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Yet another

There's a whole spate of games popping up now, this time:


Matt Barton
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Crap like this scares me. It

Crap like this scares me. It could lead to something like the comic book crash of the 90s, when there was a stupid idea that any old game is priceless and must be sold at collectors' prices. Dropped the bottom out of the industry when folks like me could no longer get old comics for cheap prices. I bet it won't be long before everyone with loose NES carts will be selling them for hundreds each, and some idiot will buy them thinking they'll be worth even more next year.

Mark Vergeer
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That's an insane price. Can't believe any poor sod will want to pay that amount of money - even if it is a rare cart.


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