Commodore 64 .prg Generator Beta Available!

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Some fun news for Commodore 64 fans and enthusiasts--the latest beta for the Commodore 64 .prg generator, C64PrgGen, is now available for download! This nifty utility gives you a handy Commodore 64 program development utility for Windows. Put simply, you can type (or copy and paste) in your Commodore 64 BASIC or machine code into C64PrgGen and it will both assemble and run your code with a single click. C64PrgGen automatically generates a .prg file, which can run directly in your favorite Commodore 64 emulator or on the real hardware using the typical methods for transferring and running "ROM" files. Neat stuff and well worth checking out.


Mark Vergeer
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Interesting stuff

I really need to check this out. Seems like a very interesting dev package!

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Bill Loguidice
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I'm looking forward to it too
Mark Vergeer wrote:

I really need to check this out. Seems like a very interesting dev package!

It's a shame something like this couldn't easily be made for ALL classic systems. I bet it would really spur development, particularly on the systems with weaker keyboards.

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