Matt Chat 53: Doom with John Romero

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Here's the latest installment of my interview with John Romero. I need to decide now whether to dedicate a separate episode to Quake or just finish up with one last segment. Anyway, here's the video:


Martin Touhey
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Another success

Really liked this one. You can definitely feel the excitement he had creating this game. I was so inspired that I played doom and doom II for 3 hours last night. Still one of the best games ever. Looking forward to the next installment of this series. I'd definitely follow up with a quake episode. It would really keep the series fluent and what a fantastic game that was as well.

Rowdy Rob
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Awesome John Romero series.

Mr. Romero seems like a totally cool, laid back, ingenious guy who's passionate about games and taking it to the next level. I hope he mentions (in the next installment) what he's doing now and where he wants to take the gaming genre. Is he sticking with FPS's, or is he going to branch out into other experimental genres?

Chris Kennedy
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Awesome, Matt. I thought the intro comments were spot on, and I enjoyed hearing what Romero had to say about DOOM.

My first memory of it was inside the same store where I first saw Wolfenstein. They were running a beta of the software. The beta (alpha..?) version of Doom allowed you to crawl (or at least duck) and used some sort of spear when you ran out of ammo. The spear/bayonet was replaced by the fists in the final version of the game.

Another notable mention is the fact that DOOM supported wavetable sound. I picked up a Wave Blaster daughtercard and plugged it into my sound blaster around the time DOOM was released, and this helped enhance the soundtrack quite a bit. It's really hard to hear some of the opl2/3 chip music when you were used to General MIDI wavetable sound.

Keep up the good work, Matt.

Reefer Madness (not verified)
the video


Just kidding, but I am wondering two things. one is how to I get an account? I looked at the FAQ, but it doesn't say what a preferred user name is. Where do we get one? I'm really confused.

Second, can you please do a genesis or dreamcast game? I'd like to see your take on Shenmue. If you haven't ever played it, you may enjoy it.

The_Mighty_Thor (not verified)
Ouuuuuh Yeah ...

Hey Matt,

heh ... finally you did the episode of Matt Chat I´d been waiting for, though I´m still waiting for Eye of the Beholder II :)

I´ve played sooo many games for the last 20 years, and I own sooo much hardware from across that time span, but - aside from being a roleplayer for regular occupation - DooM is imho the BEST, GRANDEST, MOST GLORIOUS GAME EVER MADE !!!

And that´s exactly where I´d like to throw in some link again I already posted way back at Matt Chat 45 ... everyone who´s really into DooM should check out, a free platform for online multiplayer DooM !! This community is counting about 25.000 members at the time of this writing, with about 500 members being full time DooM addicts, mapping geniuses and part of a large UAC family :D

Well, that´s it folks, and ... oh yeah, did this friend of yours already pick up on the advice I gave him regarding his programming career ? Would be glad if you´d keep me tuned on this , Matt. As I mentioned before, your friend can deliberately mail to my bro if he wants to ;)

Until swords meet,


Mark Vergeer
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Excellent chat Matt

Downloading Doom and playing it? Well I guess back in the day most people got the shareware version on 3.5" shareware disc. I did download it from back in the day but the Internet wasn't as big as it is today...

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Matt Barton
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I had limited access to the

I had limited access to the internet by 1993, though it was only through a portal on a local BBS. I didn't get seriously exposed until 1995, when I went to the university. Once I saw what it had to offer, I made sure I had it from them on (and haven't gone more than a few days without some type of internet ever since). :)

Truth be told, though, I didn't play Doom until much later. I can't quite remember the first time I played it, but I'm guessing it was probably Doom II or one of the other versions. I do remember seeing people playing it on LANs (they'd lug their DESKTOPS to their buddies' house to play), but I was out of the loop. One of the guys was gracious enough to let me play for a few minutes, but naturally didn't have the controls down and got beaten quickly and cheaply.

Later on, I did play lots of Mechwarrior II with friends in a lab on campus. I was the lab tutor or whatever, and I was able to talk the manager into letting me hang out there with my friends on some Friday evenings. It was amazing fun. Many years later I picked up Unreal Tournament (2004, I think) and played that a bit on a local LAN, but of course by then the internet was the way to do these things.

The first first-person, real-time game I really, heavily got into was Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. I played all the way through that and loved every minute of it. I picked up the sequels and played them as well. I also enjoyed the Elder Scrolls games, though nothing as really hit me with the same charming style of M&M VI.

Bill Loguidice
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I had newsgroup access to

I had newsgroup access to the "Internet" through a local BBS in 1994, but didn't get on the Internet myself until 1995, when I experimented with a text only service, before finally getting on the real WWW. I had the shareware of Doom very early on, and in fact in our book, Vintage Games, I retell the story in the Doom chapter in a footnote of how amazing Doom looked running on my 8MB (or was it 16MB?) Gateway Pentium 90 with 15" Sony Trinitron monitor and 2MB SVGA card. Besides being a great game, it was definitely the next technical evolution.

Bill Loguidice, Managing Director
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