Enhanced Press Looking for English Speaking Beta Testers for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Apps

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Ciro Continisio of ENHANCED PRE$$ group has asked us to pass along the following press release for this interesting initiative for the iPhone and iPod Touch that needs English-speaking beta testers:
We are selecting people that own an iPhone or iPod Touch, to give them preview access to our next Enhanced Press publications and fill an appreciation survey at the end.
This will greatly help us in having an immediate feedback from users, correct eventual errors and improve the product before it gets to the store.
This group will also take an active role in the creation of the new Apps that are in the making, providing suggestions and, why not, even ideas.

The concept of ENHANCED PRESS ® is delivered by VISUAL Creative Studio, owned by Alessandro Risuleo and his team of young and motivated minds.
The creator, Alessandro Risuleo, is a “cool hunter” that has been working for years on built for the hi-tech market, proposing new challenges and ambitious projects to his partners. ENHANCED PRESS ® is one of those.
The acquired experience, 15 years by now, is a must to analyze all the new trends of the global market. Internet, social and viral marketing, geek culture, iPhone Apps, are just some of the areas in which Visual is refining its connections.

To be part of the group, all you need to do is fill this form with simple information about yourself:


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It's amazing. Neither the above release, nor the Enhanced Pre$$ site actually gives you ANY idea of what their products are. They just seem to assume that you already know (and love) them.

They seem to be looking specifically for English language testers for those products-- which seem to be short videos, or narrated slideshows, or some sort of semi-animated graphic novel-- but then when you go to fill out the form, you get a response only in Italian that seems to say that you'll get a response sometime in December. Wonderful.

Well, I'll see if I get a response out of them.

UPDATE According to Google Translate, what it actually said was that submissions closed (were closed? will be closed?) on Friday, December 22. Which is interesting because December 22 did not fall on a Friday last year, nor will it this year.

So, all in all, the company doesn't seem to know what it wants testers for, or else doesn't want to tell us, specifically wants English speakers, but isn't prepared to serve them, and didn't test the submission form they asked AA to put online. Bravo!

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