Update on Armchair Arcade TV Episode 3 (yes, it really is coming soon...)

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Bill Loguidice
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I was finally cutting Episode 3 last night and I was having issues with Adobe Premiere Elements utilizing the HD footage from my "new" video camera. After many wasted hours and experimenting with a trial of Cyber Link Power Director, it turns out that seemingly nothing can preview HD footage without being choppy - particularly when applying any effects (on my system anyway) - but on final render it comes out smooth. So I was essentially looking to solve a problem that really wasn't there. It's also interesting to note that Cyber Link Power Director does some things amazingly well (and powerfully), while Adobe Premiere Elements does other things better. It seems there's no perfect consumer solution, but the power in amateur hands these days is truly amazing. While there won't be anything groundbreaking in Episode 3, I was able to correct for an issue we didn't see during filming of the live segments (my camera's LCD screen is not accurate to what is actually captured).

On the plus side, I purchased a bundle with Camtasia Studio, and it creates amazing live screen captures, and can even uprez them to HD. While I have lots of low res footage in Episode 3, the MAME footage for Satan's Hollow looks tremendous (and from my older Windows XP MAME cabinet no less), far better than the other systems on there, even the PS2 stuff.

I'm probably going to output Episode 3 at 1080i, since that's the native resolution of the host segments and what I upres'd the MAME footage to. Everything else is 480p or less.

If all goes well, I *hope* to cut the episode tonight, but even if I do it is unlikely to finish rendering until tomorrow. Again, though there's nothing groundbreaking in this episode, I think it should overall blow away the first two episodes (not that hard, I know, but progress is progress).