Walter Day retires from Twin Galaxies / Our Day with Walter

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Sorry if this is not news to anyone, I tend to fall behind but this is new to me. This is not my vid and I take credit for nothing, just passing on the news and this interesting video interview.

Walter Day announces his retirement from Twin Galaxies and the Video Game industry. Walter discusses with Josh Houslander about his music career and the upcoming event of The Inaugural Ceremonies for the International Video Game Hall of Fame & Museum in Ottumwa, Iowa August 5-8, 2010. The full length version of this interview can be viewed on episode #6 of the Twin Galaxies podcast.
Thanks to Twin Galaxies and Persistent Productions for making this interview possible.

Video from Twin Galaxies Youtube channel:


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Twitch games and "King of Kong"
Matt Barton wrote:

I don't enjoy twitch games and didn't even really like them when I was a kid, always preferring role-playing, strategy, or adventure games. It kinda bothers me that the same old lineup of arcade or twitchy console games get trotted out every time somebody wants to talk about "videogames." Their role in the history was important, but mostly technical or technological. Indeed, I'd compare them to the old coin-operated "peep shows" and such; they were clearly an important step towards movies as we know them today, but I'm so glad we got beyond them.

"Twitch" games are not gone, they've just been reclassified as "casual" games. As such, I think in some ways they're as strong as ever, but they just don't get as much press.

I tend to enjoy every genre of game, but there's something exhilarating about arcade-style games. I can't explain the psychology of it, but there's a different mechanic about exercising judgment on the primal level, where reacting quickly and precisely is of primary importance. There's almost a "high" that I can associate with this. You can get this with strategy games as well (particularly RTS games), but in RPG games, it's not quite the same. But they are fun in their own mentally-challenging ways as well.

Mark Vergeer wrote:

K O K was just bad journalism looking back on it. Exaggerating what was going on and insinuating a lot of stuff that really wasn't going on. It's not on my top 10 list of movies/docus on videogames....

I commented on "King of Kong" a long time ago here, but what I basically saw being portrayed was playground-level rivalries over something that didn't seem all that important to "regular" people, making the whole thing look rather foolish. Even the DVD box cover had review quotes on it basically saying the whole thing was intended as a laugh riot.

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