Apple II News and Notes for May 2006

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* Old Hardware Made New, Redux
* Hardware-emulated Apple II
* Apple II Internet
* CFFA News
* Moving In Reverse
* Making Music
* VGA Support
* KFest
* Software News
* Emulation News
* SignOff

-- GSE-Reactive continues to announce releases of several new items in
their catalog of products to help Apple II users keep their machines
productive, longer:

- If you need to replace the 65816 CPU in your IIGS, or have an
accelerator card that needs a replacement, check out the selections
GSE-Reactive listed on their website.

- Do you have an original, non-enhanced IIe that you'd like to bring up
to enhanced mode? Check out their IIe enhancement kit.

- If your ][+ or //e has developed poor memory habit, it might be time to
replace some of the DRAM chips in your system. GSE-Reactive now sells
64K DRAM chips, compatible with your machine.

- If you've got an expansion card thats lost its ability to work, you
might be in need of a firmware upgrade. The company now sells the latest
known firmware updates for the Applied Engineering Transwarp IIe
accelerator, the RamFactor memory expansion card, and the Vulcan Gold
hard drive controller. Additionally, they are offering a firmware chip
for the Apple Rev.C SCSI controller card

More information on these items can be found at:

-- Several projects are in the works, trying to recreate the Apple II
using modern computing components. One ongoing attempt using an FPGA
(Field Programmable Gate Array) seems to be fairly advanced, and its
progress has been posted to the web. Check out for images of the equipment
design and progress.

-- Glenn Jones has announced that the current supply of his Uthernet
(8-bit ethernet) card for the Apple II is now sold out. While the webpage
infers that a 3rd run may be in the works, no firm information about when
that might happen is available. If youre interested in getting your Apple
I, II or GS on the internet, visit the A2 Retrosystems webpage at and drop Glenn a note.

-- Rich Dreher has announced that he will be working on versions of his
popular CompactFlash for Apple II card that will be compatible with the
Apple I and the Apple I replica computer being offered by Vince Briel.
Currently, the 4th run of the CFFA for the Apple II and IIGS is being
shipped as cards are completed. More information about the Replica 1 can
be found at and current
information about the CFFA can be found at

-- An attempt to reverse-engineer the 6502 CPU is underway. Once
completed, it would be possible to create new chips for use in such items
as controllers as well as items like the Replica 1 mentioned above. The
group involved with the project has their progress listed on their
webpage, along with diagrams and layout information. However, unless
you're fluent in Hungarian, their work may be a bit hard to follow.

-- Most Apple II users remember the peeks and pokes that made up
music....well, musical sound on the early computers. Hosted by Simon
Williams, now you can enjoy all the fun of listening to these all over
again. Listen in MP3 clarity to such tunes as Sambaman (the Bank Street
Music Writer demo), Night Driver, and Speedway Classic Theme.

-- Would you be willing to pay $100 toward the development of an Apple II
VGA adapter? Here's a chance to put your money where your message is.
Sign the pledge and help a developer decide to make or finish their

-- KFest 2006 is currently in the process of taking reservations for this
year's event. This not-to-be-missed Apple II event will take place this
year at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, KS from July 18-23. More
information, including a registration form can be found at:

--Software News

- Anton Treuenfels has released version 0.121 of his Hobby Cross
Assembler, which allows a developer to create software for a variety of
computer platforms that use the 6502 family of CPU chips. More
information can be found at:

- The Apple GameServer is a Java-based program allows the user to send
Apple II games directly to an apple // computer via the serial port,
with no need for transferring to a disk. Information about current status
of this project, games that have been used with it (and those that don't
quite work yet) as well as the software necessary to do this on your own
computers can be found at:

--Emulation News

- Virtual ][ by Gerard Putter which emulates an 8-bit Apple II under Mac
OS X has been updated to work on the new Intel-powered Macs. Version 5.2
has, besides some bug fixes, the ability to emulate z80 cards on the newer
Macintosh computers. More information can be found at:

- If your non-Apple II computing tends towards the PC world, check out
the new version of AppleWIn, the Apple //e emulator for Windows. AppleWin
has been upgraded to version 1.13.1 which includes better handling under
Windows 98. More information can be found at:

* Sign Off
A2 News and Notes is produced with real or emulated Apple II computers
using AppleWorks 5.1. Apple II Forever!

A2 News and Notes is (c) copyright 2006 by Ryan M. Suenaga, M.S.W. and
edited by Howard Katz. All rights reserved.

Opinions expressed herein are those of the individual authors and do not
necessarily represent the opinions of the copyright holder and publisher.
The publisher does not guarantee the accuracy or suitability of any
information included herein. We reserve the right to edit all letters and

Material published in this edition may be reprinted free of charge
anywhere provided this copyright notice is included.


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