Wii Fitness for Dummies Bonus Tips and Content - Week 02

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Wii Fitness for Dummies, available from booksellers everywhere, as well as online discounters like Amazon.com, focuses on three of the top Wii fitness programs, Wii Fit Plus, EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer, and Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010, as well as provides additional coverage of the entire Wii fitness phenomena and general exercise theory. As is always the case when writing a book, there is inevitably content that doesn't fit either due to subject matter, cost, or space constraints, which is where this regularly published bonus tips and content comes in. Each week, for an indeterminate number of weeks, Christina and I will be posting items that will both add to your enjoyment of the book and provide good fitness information in general.

This week, we're running the second in an eight part series of Classic Body Weight Exercises You Can Perform When You're Away From Your Wii* (*also great for warming up or cooling down, as discussed in book Chapter 1):

The start and finish position for the Lunge, which primarily works the top part of your upper thighs, and buttocks. Your torso should remain upright, stomach tight and feet just under shoulder width apart, pointing straight ahead. Keep your eyes focused on a point in front of you, chin up. For a standard Lunge, otherwise known as the Forward Lunge, you step one leg forward. For a Reverse Lunge, you step one leg backwards. Do the variation that you feel most comfortable with and allows you to maintain the best balance.

The midpoint position for the Forward Lunge. You take a big step forward from the start position and bend your other leg as low as you can to a maximum of a few inches off the floor. With your foot flat and using only the strength in your leg to push, forcefully straighten your front leg to return to the start position, then repeat with the other leg. Repeat.

Before starting any workout regime, it is always wise to consult with your physician. This is especially important if you are pregnant, have cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure, or suffer from an orthopedic condition. Further, should you start to experience any fatigue, shortness of breath, chest tightness, dizziness, or any other discomfort, pain, or unusual symptoms while working out with Wii Fit Plus or any other fitness program, stop activity immediately and consult with your physician.