Matt Chat 50 - Super Episode with Al Lowe

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Al Lowe, creator of Leisure Suit Larry (and Freddy Pharkas!), chats with Matt this week about comedy in games, focusing on his fabulous work with Sierra On-Line in the 80s and 90s. Note that it's broken into two parts for your inconvenience.
Part I:

Part II:


Martin Touhey
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Joined: 02/10/2010
I'll second that

Definitely one of the best Matt Chats. It never ceases to amaze me how you get all these people to do interviews for you. As a sierra game fanatic I can really appreciate this. I really do enjoy the 50th intro, although I did comment that it was a bit long. I didn't really take into account that it was a special occasion for the 50th. I've been criticized for having my RetroSmash intro being long, so I know what it's like. Hopefully I can get up to episode 50 myself. Keep on keepin' on Matt. I'm always a fan and looking forward to the next episode.

Matt Barton
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Thanks, guys. I definitely

Thanks, guys. I definitely wouldn't dream of having a 2 min. intro for every episode! Actually, I was thinking the next one (which will probably be a condensed version of this one) would clock in at 15-20 secs, tops. No need to really go beyond that since there really isn't a list of credits or anything to justify it (just long enough to show my name and the song writer's). I guess I really don't need an intro at all, though I do like them--seem to make the show classier somehow, than if I just jumped in to the content each time.

Martin Touhey
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Intros ARE classy

I think that having an intro gives the viewer something to get an overall idea of what the show is about. Although they may not know it, viewers like to preview what they're going to see, almost as if it's a sneak peek into the future. Most tv intros tap out at about 30 seconds, for various reasons, but I think that the main reason is because of the attention factor. The world has become accustomed to these bite (byte) sized morsels of information that move rapidly. Kids especially are conditioned to take in these minuscule bits and process them quickly. Your first intro was at about 30 seconds, long enough to get the point across, but short enough to keep the lackadaisical tuned in. In my opinion, if you fine tune the new intro to 30-40 second you'll be golden. The new intro is quite an achievement and should really be used in the future episodes, I'd hate to see all that hard work go to waste. It's unfortunate that most people don't recognize what hard work it really is.

Anonymous (not verified)
Check out Al's comment in paragraph 14

In 2004, Vivendi Games resurrected Lowe's creation for Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude -- though the game was not an adventure game in the traditional sense, and Lowe has few good things to say about it. "I bought a copy," Lowe said. "But to me it's like receiving a videotape from your son's kidnappers. On one hand, you're glad he's still alive, but look at what they have done to him."

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Bill Loguidice
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The LSL game after Magna Cum

The LSL game after Magna Cum Laude was even worse, anonymous.

Bill Loguidice, Managing Director
Armchair Arcade, Inc.

Chris Kennedy
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Hey Matt -

Sometimes I hit Matt Chat on the hour of its release, and sometimes I am late. Nevertheless, I am jumping in on the Al Lowe interview as I used to feed on all things Sierra when it came to computer games.

First of all - I love long intros. I miss opening credits to TV shows. Remember when they did THAT? Remember when you would get a teaser at the start of a TV show and then slide into the intro? The point of this was, in my mind, to pair the opening credits with a theme song and visuals that would amp up your energy for what you were about to watch.

I think this intro to Matt Chat was brilliant. As we slid from system to system, I found myself scanning and naming all of the games while wondering which system would appear next. Quite nice. I figured it was a fitting intro for episode #50.

I can't say a whole lot about LSL. I recognize it as one of the main-line Sierra series (along with King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Quest for Glory), however its subject matter kept me from playing it without being super discrete. I obviously wasn't going to try to buy it with the parents around. I guess I could give the series a go from the start nowadays. Being an adult would probably help me appreciate the humor of the series. I heard in the past that Al Lowe was a really nice guy, and this Matt Chat proved it. Funny - the only Al Lowe game I have really played all the way through (I *may* have completed LSL3 back in the day) is Torin's Passage of all things. I wonder if anyone ever interviews him about that game?

Brilliant Matt Chat, Matt. Anything Sierra-related is greatly appreciated. As if you needed me to say that with the small novel I wrote you for Quest for Glory. I can only hope you might get one of the guys from Andromeda or Roberta Williams herself. While you are at it, tell them I would love a signed, boxed copy of the first games of their big series (Space Quest, King's Quest). Heh heh. Sorry - just had to say it.

Sorry about your editing issues, Matt. I wish I could help. What system are you running these days? What version of Vegas?

Anyway - Great Matt Chat. Always look forward to new ones, but take a break and reflect on the awesomeness & make sure you still get plenty of satisfaction from them before continuing. Remember - Youtube can serve as an amplifier for all of the playground bullies out there.


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