Armchair Arcade's Web Stats - For those interested (up to February 2010)

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Bill Loguidice
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Since we have a pretty open book policy here, I'd thought I would share some of Armchair Arcade's stats for those interested, particularly since we have a large number of lurkers and/or participation outside of the site itself (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

For each month of 2009, we averaged over 21,000 unique visitors, which does not include spiders and other automated Web agents like RSS feeds. This pace has continued through 2010. Starting in November 2009 (for a reason that eludes me at the moment), our bandwidth usage rose dramatically to over 16GB each month, with no signs of dropping back down to single digit GB levels.

The United States, followed by Great Britain, are our most active visiting countries. Yahoo Slurp, followed by Googlebot and MSNbot are the most active robots/spiders. Windows is the most common OS, followed by Macintosh, followed by Unknown, followed by Linux. Firefox is the most common browser, followed by IE, then Unknown, then Safari, then Chrome, then Opera. Yahoo, followed by Google, followed by Google images, are the most active search engines used to find us.