Trying out C64 forever - is it worth getting?

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Mark Vergeer
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C64: C64 32x32 pixels Trying out the rather new C64 Forever package which offers an all-in-one c64 emulation solution including quite a few built-in games. It seems to be running a modified version of Vice within the GUI.
Does anyone have some experience with the full product? Is it worth getting? Please let me know. Thanks

I registered emulators such as Magic Engine (excellent TG16 emulator) so that I was able to play TG16/PC Engine CD games - that was before I got the real deal but got some CDs. I? also registered C64S by Miha Peternel who was one of the first working C64 emulators on the PC. And quite a few more like Richard Bannister's emulators for OS X.

Personally I like to check out emulators and configure them. I am even compiling open source emus and modifying them to run on my MacBook. But I love the no-brainer aspect of this preview-package. I would have to say there's nothing like the real deal when it comes to retro/classic gaming. I do have a C64 set-up and ready to go, even an old Vic-20 is connected up? and ready to go.

For ease of access and just quickly having a go at a c64 program this could be a nice solution on pc though.

Rowdy Rob
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I suppose it depends....

It seems to me that the freeware c-64 emulators are very mature, and have decent-to-great front-ends for them. They are apparently very compatible, and in fact are no less compatible than C-64 Forever, since it is based off of one of the freeware emulators.

For someone like me, who has never owned a Commodore 64, it might be very worth it, if I just want to play the games with no muss or fuss, and with full legality. Is it fully legal, by the way? I saw no mention on their page that Cloanto has the rights to the C-64 OS roms, although I assume they do.

Amiga Forever is sort of a different animal, since the Amiga is a far more complex computer/OS to emulate, especially with multiple OS'es and ECS/AGA/PAL/NTSC/RAM configurations. Without the Amiga Forever front-end, it is very difficult to get the wide array of software to run without knowing how to tweak WinUAE inside and out. The C-64 is a quite a bit less complex to emulate, since the basic C-64 was pretty much a baseline machine throughout its lifespan.

I find that Amiga Forever (I have the Plus version) crashes frequently, but that might have more to do with WinUAE than the AF front-end. But still, it was worth it to get the best Amiga emulation I could, being that I was a former Amiga nutcase.

As for the C-64 version, it seems to me that it has little to offer the casual C-64 enthusiast over the freeware emulators. It might have a few tricks up its sleeves for the hardcore, but if you just want to run games, and don't care about the legal stuff (since you already own C-64's anyway, you legally own the OS roms), perhaps C-64 Forever has little to offer you. But then again, the price of C-64 Forever is not very much.

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I'd like to hear the answer

I'd like to hear the answer too, Mark. I've been experimenting a bit with Cloanto Amiga Forever 2009 Plus Edition and have a mostly positive impression of it.

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