ZX81 NEWS by ANDRE*** - 12/31/2009

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From ANDRE***:


Issue #6 of MICRO SINCLAIR, a French magazine about the ZX81 will come out at the beginning of 2010. Print-out, software and hardware innovation, basic review, etc...

My new program "REVERSE" in 1K and 16K version will be released at the end of January 2010. It is a brain game. The graphics of the 16K version are outstanding.

And now here is included "1K-PUTT". Practice your putting all winter long in the warmth of your home or office. "1K-PUTT" will run on a ZX81 without a rampack. Even though it is a 1K game, the graphics are excellent and just watch that ball rolling along toward the cup.

If you like (or dislike) the game, send me your comments.

March 2011 will be the 30th birthday of the ZX81, what will you do to celebrate?

Have a HEALTHY NEW YEAR! And keep enjoying the new games on your ZX81/Timex1000!

ZX81 pleasure is spreading, ANDRE***

1K-PUTT (ZX81)1K-PUTT (ZX81)
1K-PUTT (ZX81)1K-PUTT (ZX81)