Upgraded my games & emulation PC to Windows 7 Home Premium

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Mark Vergeer
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PC Today I've upgraded my games & emulation PC to Windows 7 Home Premium. Why? Because I got the Windows7 version for free and because I can now take advantage of DirectX 10 & 11 which my Nvidia Graphics card is capable of. The system is faster than my main Vista system hardware wise but I must say that the GUI and the way the system responses to the user is much more responsive than the Vista Ultimate machine sitting next to it. The difference is that big that I am actually tempted to 'upgrade' my Vista to Windows 7 but it will not be an economic decision when you look at the price of Windows 7 Ultimate - which is the only Windows 7 version that can be used to upgrade Vista Ultimate.

Anyways - my video grabbing systems still are NOT working properly - I am having glitches with the sound AND the graphics. I think I will transfer all the grabbing stuff from my MAIN system to the faster & newer Windows 7 system and see if by setting it up properly on a new system I will be able to get on with grabbing footage.