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Press Release:
Now anyone can create games thanks to free software from The Game Creators

Hull, UK / UK based games software publisher, The Gamer Creators are celebrating their 10 year anniversary by offering DarkBASIC Professional language and FPS Creator as free downloads to games development enthusiasts.
Over a period of ten years, The Game Creators have garnered a worldwide reputation for creating affordable, cutting edge game creation tools which enable anyone to create their own computer games. Their flagship product is DarkBASIC Professional, one of the most advanced games development packages on the marketplace.

To commemorate their ten year milestone, The Game Creators are offering DarkBASIC Professional as a free download from their site - DarkBASIC Professional makes it possible to create innovative 2D or 3D games which feature all the benefits of Microsofts DirectX 9 technology. DarkBASIC Professional is at the core of commercially successful titles.

In addition to DarkBASIC Professional, games development enthusiasts can also download a free version of FPS Creator, software which enables the creation of rich, engaging 3D First Person Shooter games by people with no previous programming or 3D modelling experience. By offering the software for free, The Game Creators are confident it will empower and inspire the next generation of game developers.

“By lowering the barrier to entry even further, we hope to encourage even more people to discover the joy of creating games whilst offering the same wealth of features” commented Financial Director, Rick Vanner.

Users can download a free version of FPS Creator, which comes with some restrictions. You will get the same editor and design features that are built in to the full version. Multiplayer and the ability to build a standalone game are disabled, although the option to upgrade at any time is available through The Game Creator Store, directly accessible through the editor.

“If you have yet to take the plunge into coding, now is a great time to start. You can download the online ad-supported version of DarkBASIC Professional right now and gain instant access to a language previously priced at seventy dollars” added Vanner.

Link to download DBPro FREE

Link to download FPSC FREE version

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About The Game Creators:
The Game Creators develop and publish game making tools for hobbiest and Indie game developers. Flagship titles include the Dark Basic range and the FPS Creator products. The team are dedicated to bringing affordable and easy to use software tools to the mass market.

DarkBASIC Professional and FPS Creator were made available as free downloads from November 1st 2009.

Main DarkBASIC Professional site
Main FPSC website

About Thirteen1:
Thirteen1 is an independent free-to-read web-based games magazine. Each new issue is released on the 13th of every month at 13.00 GMT. Thirteen1 have published 20 issues to date, as well as 2 supplements. The coverage of Thirteen1 is multi-platform.

Thirteen1 is read in 125 territories, with the majority of the readership coming from North America, UK and BENELUX region. Thirteen1 is currently pushed out to an audience of 18,000. The readership has previously experienced monthly growth of 12%.

Thirteen1 can be viewed in all browsers and is also available as a PDF.

For press enquiries please contact:
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Thirteen1 magazine
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I have used this software

I have used this software (and the FPS creator). Darkbasic is pretty easy to use if you understand basic programing, might be a little tough for the point and click crowd. When Dark basic came out (hmm 5-7ish years ago?) I can remeber trying a beta version and making some Quake like games (very simple games). I believe it was ccreated byt some of the authors of AMOS/STAMOS (atari ST /amiga program game makeing package). I must admit I havent looked at it in 2-3 years so no idea how far its came but when i was programing with it I would say it was about a year or two behind (looks wise) the current games. Overall I was fairly impressed with waht you could creat in a very short time. I would take alook if this type of stuff interests you.

As for the FPS creator... well its a pretty simplistic click and paste type creator, fun for a few minutes but the limitations really show quickly. But again for free, worth a look.

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