Matt Chat's Legacy of the Ancients

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This, week, I cover Quest Software's Legacy of the Ancients for the Commodore 64!

I made this video primarily as a nod to Shane R. Monroe, the host of Retrogaming Radio and one of the main reasons why Armchair Arcade exists at all! (The founders met on Shane's forums). Legacy is one of Shane's favorite games, and has no doubt aroused the curiosity of his many listeners. I enjoyed the game very much, and wanted to talk about its history and influence in this video.

Check it out and let me know what you think about the legacy of Legacy! :P

P.S. Also be sure to check out Bill's excellent response video!


Rob Daviau
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Just a start I am sure!
Matt Barton wrote:

Yay! Just hit 500.

See? I told you you'd surpass me in no time, though to be honest you really deserve it between the frequency of your videos
and just the over all quality! Congrats! Ah well, at least my latest vid is getting me lot's of notice I am not too far behind at 468.

Oldschool games, some people just don't "get it"...

Captain Rufus (not verified)

Ahh good old Legacy of the Ancients! I never could get very far in that one back in the C64 days. I remember having a good time with it though. Sadly unless you could buy a cluebook or hope one of the Quest for Clues book/Questbusters covered the game, you were hosed. And if the game had a bug or a difference from the cluebook solution? You were stuck! I even tried mapping Legacy and never got anywhere.

Was still really fun. Unlike another of the EA C64 RPGs, Deathlord. (You know the Ultima knockoff with Samurai.) That game was ABUSIVE.

Legacy was a good game once you ran out of Ultimas to play though. Id put it behind Wasteland and the Ultima series and the Gold Box games as one of the best C64 RPGs. Probably right on par with Wizardry, yet above Bard's Tale.

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Bill's video

Bill, is that the mirror universe version of you?

Mark Vergeer
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I think so...

The guy is super busy with all these projects so I guess I just called in his parallel mirrored universe double to chip in a little :P

Hammer wrote:

Bill, is that the mirror universe version of you?

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