Any thoughts on a gaming mouse?

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Matt Barton
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Well, my old Logitech MX Laser mouse is finally biting the dust, and I need to get a replacement soon. I loved my old mouse very much and have put this off as long as I possibly could. However, now my battery is dying (it's a wireless).

I've been looking at two mice pretty closely:
The Razer DeathAdder and the Logitech G9. Both look nice, although I don't care for the logo on the Razer model. I haven't had a chance to feel either one, but I don't imagine either will be substantially different than my old MX Laser, which is pretty big for a mouse.

Anyone have one of these or a preference for something else? Let me know what you're using and what you recommend.

Mark Vergeer
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Any mouse with good tracking and a high resolution will do....

And one that fits your hand ergonomically....

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Bill Loguidice
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No thoughts on a gaming

No thoughts on a gaming mouse, but I am very happy with the Razer Destructor mousepad, even if it does come with a pretentious and over-the-top carrying case and certificate of authenticity.

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