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I have ordered Medieval Mayhem from the Atari Age shop. Was torn between that and Thrust+ but the opportunities for multi-player and the fact that I have two sets of paddles swung it for me.

I'll post a review here - though for those in the know it will be redundant such is the reputation this game has.....


Bill Loguidice
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I have both Medieval Mayhem

I have both Medieval Mayhem and Thrust+. If you remember the review I did on the old site, there's great opportunity for multiplayer fun with the right setup in Thrust+ as well. As you say, though, you can't go wrong with either one!

Here's a link to that old review of Thrust+ Platinum (the latest version): http://www.armchairarcade.com/aamain/content.php?article.41

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I anything, this title is

If anything, this title is more impressive than the 7800 homebrew , Pacman Collection. What has been produced on the 2600 hardware with the 4 players and 3 fireballs flying around with little or no flicker is astounding. The developer has managed to create a brilliant version of the game too - with every option imaginable from variation on fireball catch, through to a doubles game which was also available on the original Warlords. Quite brilliant - review to follow.

This week has seen me purchase 2 CIB games for my much ignored Atari 7800. Joust and Tower Toppler. Joust is a great version - I actually think it looks better on the 7800 than on the retro comps I have seen on later consoles becuase the graphics are a tiny bit blockier and therefore easier to see on my CRT. Excellent stuff. Tower Toppler is an odd platformer game set around a revolving tower. It looks pretty good and has that compulsive old school trial & error gameplay that only people of my generation have the patients for I'm guessing. Nice to get the old 7800 out again and enjoy some of the other greats I have such as Food Fight - a cute Robotron style arcade game that was only ever ported to this system and Centipede - which features a great 2 player simultaneous mode. My daughters and I had a blast with these games this evening. Even with the old RF connection these old games still look good to my eyes.

Rob Daviau
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Man I love modern old games!

It is cool and interesting to see good programs pushing these classic systems. Many seem a labor of love unlike back in the day
when it was to meet a deadline and rake in sales. This way it seems these programmers really take advantage of the hardware. It
is so cool what these old systems can be made to do!


Oldschool games, some people just don't "get it"...


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