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The UK magazine Retro Gamer will from time to time publish anthology editions - containing what seems to be the "best of" a set of previous editions. Usually I stay away from these but I have just got vol. 3 of this. It weighs in at 256 pages and costs £10 - but may be a good way of collecting this magazine if not a UK resident as each issue costs around £6.

Different types of article are featured:
Retro revivals are 2 page spreads made up mostly of a grid of screenshots for a selected game with a column to the left in quite small font with a couple of hundred words.

Making ofs are multi-page articles that feature info from the developers about the development of a game - plenty of text and screenshots.

History ofs are detailed articles usually based around a series or at least a very big game. They usually feature a family tree of games.

Developer look backs are detailed features on the history of a development house - can be multi-part and may be about devs that no longer exist.

Classic game articles are like Retro revivals but with more text and less screenshots

Retro inspections are articles based on a gaming platform

Perfect 10s are articles based on a gaming platforms's "best 10 games" - usually followed by and the rests....a 2 page spread of lots of labelled screenshots of other games for that platform.

Company profiles are based on dev houses - a bit like Developer look backs but these are usually about devs that are still around

Full of Eastern Promise - are articles on a selected Japanese import game

The Definitive - long articles (multi-part) about a series of games.

Why you must plays - articles espousing selected games that may not be all that famous.

Vol. 3 contains:
Retro revivals of : The Simpsons, California Games, Scuba Dive, Spindizzy, Bat Man, Buggy Boy, Pang, Thundercats, Rampage
The Making of : Manic Miner, OutRun, Star Wars Arcade, Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis, Tetris, Marble Madness, Gunstar Heroes, Robocop, Crazy Taxi, Crystal Castles
History of : Zelda, Elite, Donkey Kong
Developer lookback : EA parts1, 2, & 3, Konami parts 1 & 2
Classic Game : Bomb Jack, Yars' Revenge, Micro Machines, Ristar, Road Rash
Retro Inspection: ZX81, Dreamcast, BBC Micro, PC-Engine (TG16), Atari 800XL
Perfect 10 : ZX81, Dreamcast, BBC Micro, PC-Engine, Atari 800XL
And the rest : ZX81, Dreamcast, BBC Micro, PC-ENgine, Atari 800XL
Company Profile : Bullfrog, id, Epyx
Full of Eastern Promise : Twinkle Star Sprites, Rakugaki Show-Time
The Definitive: 194X, Space Invaders pt1 and pt2, Contra
Why You must play : Enduro Racer,Escape from the planet of the robot monsters, Forgotten Worlds.

Its a UK-based magazine so there's some Brit-code 8bit era stuff that may not be of interest but there's lots to enjoy. Recommended.


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That actually sounds

That actually sounds excellent, Davy, thanks.

(Here's the link: http://www.imagineshop.co.uk/products_show.php?typeID=106 )

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