Armchair Arcade Issue #5 - November 2004

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Welcome to Armchair Arcade's fifth issue!

Thanks for checking out the latest from Armchair Arcade. We're very happy to bring you our newest issue, which, unlike so many other retrogaming publications, CAN be judged by its cover--this one painted by our own Seb Brassard.

Obviously, a lot has happened since our last issue, so spread the word! For one, we've added a brand new feature with commentary on industry events and announcements of concern to all retrogamers - "Retrogaming News". If you'd like to join the reporting team, don't be shy--just apply!

We are also planning to introduce some new staff before the next issue, so expect much more starting with Issue 6. Until then, feel free to join our discussions at the "Forum", "System Matrix", and "Retrogaming News"! We'll see you there!

- Matt, Bill, David, Seb and Buck

Issue 5's articles:

The editors speak in this Issue's Hot Topic editorial: Emulation: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Pt. 1 - Emulation vs. Original Hardware

Chasing the Dream: The Tribulations of a Bedroom Game Programmer
by Nickolas Marentes
This is the story of Australian Nickolas Marentes, a self-described "bedroom programmer" for Tandy computers. Marentes has provided us with an in-depth and very personal autobiography that is an absolute must-read for fans of vintage computer gaming. Enjoy!
[Bonus Article #3 - November 16, 2004: Part 2 of 2 Posted]

Armchair Arcade's Classic Review Radio Special
by Bill Loguidice
Bill reveals his multimedia side again with a series of audio shorts covering a variety of retrogaming topics. This is over one hour worth of intelligent retrogaming commentary from one of the community's most serious collectors and historians.

On Family Gaming
by Matt Barton
Videogaming isn't always about boys blasting each other to bits in massive fragfests. In this article, Matt explains why so many vintage games were ideally suited (and even designed) for whole families to play together. The article also describes the potential family appeal of Sony's EyeToy and the infamous DDR.

Dungeons & Desktops
by Mathew Tschirgi
We are proud to present the first article from Mat Tschirgi, whom we hope will make this the start of a long list of articles for Armchair Arcade. We think you'll agree after reading Mat's insightful comparison of select classic and modern console and computer RPG's. Thy quest awaits, warrior!

Bonus Article #1 - November 5, 2004: Konami GB Collection Vol. 1 (GameBoy Color, 2000)
by Mathew Tschirgi

Bonus Article #2 - November 14, 2004: Konami GB Collection Vol. 2 (GameBoy Color, 2000)
by Mathew Tschirgi

Bonus Article #4 - November 23, 2004: Konami GB Collection Vol. 3 (GameBoy Color, 2000)
by Mathew Tschirgi

Bonus Article #5 - December 8, 2004: Konami GB Collection Vol. 4 (GameBoy Color, 2000)
by Mathew Tschirgi