The Full Commercial Release for the Amazing Commodore Vic-20 RPG, Realms of Quest III, is now Available!

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Realms of Quest III BeastiaryRealms of Quest III BeastiaryAs you may or may not know, those of us at Armchair Arcade have been following the progress of Realms of Quest III - the amazing Commodore Vic-20 RPG - with great interest for some time now. Well, we're pleased to announce that the full commercial release of the deluxe package is now available. What follows is Ghislain's post about its release, which was originally here, where we were previously discussing it:

Realms of Quest III is finally available! You can order it here:

Premium Edition:

Budget Edition:

(premium means you get a plastic jewel case + 36 page manual, budget is disk-only)


It was in February of 2009 (this year) that I had announced that I would be making DUNJON III. After a couple of weeks, I decided that this project would instead become REALMS OF QUEST III.

I posted on the VIC-20 Denial forum ( ) what was on my mind at the time as I was making this game. There were some setbacks but it was always 3 steps forward with the occasional step back.

(clockwise from upper-left: first mockup "proof of concept" for Dunjon III which would later evolve into Realms of Quest III, party menu graphic, saehn's magnificent splash screen for the intro, and the party traveling on the surface map)

(the above are saehn's enhanced graphics that are included in the commercial release)

(all of my spare time spent on this was not in vain as the above illustrates).

Again, a big kudos to saehn and darkatx (and of course, Kenz the publisher) for their magnificent art.

Would you believe that I originally conceived that it would take me 2 years to finish this project? At the time I started this project, I only had a bare minimum knowledge of 6502 assembly language.

I hope that those who order it get some entertainment out of it. If you'd like a sampler of what this game is like, you can also try the freeware version available here:


My order for a deluxe edition is already in!


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I just received my Realms of

I just received my Realms of Quest Premium Edition and I can confirm that the production quality is indeed as promised. It's a nice clear plastic case, with a full color insert, full color manual and full color disk label and disk sleeve.

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