Armchair Arcade Issue #3 - June 2004

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Welcome to Armchair Arcade's third issue!

We hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as we enjoyed preparing them for you. We apologize for the long delay in releasing our third issue, but are proud to welcome our newest and youngest member (baby Zoe Feris!) to the world of retrogaming. Before we begin our discussion of this latest issue, we'd like to run some stats by you:

* Armchair Arcade has received almost 30,000 unique visitors since the end of January 2004!

We'd like to thank Slate, Slashdot, Digital Press, AtariAge, Insert Credit, Ludology, ClassicGaming, and all the other sites and individuals in the community who have supported us (check out our Links section for more!).

* Armchair Arcade now has almost 300 permanent members!

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The Armchair Arcade Website has also received several upgrades, such as browser games that keep track of high scores. More exciting features are planned on an ongoing basis to make Armchair Arcade a great place to visit even after you've read all the articles!

Finally, we'd like to welcome our newest staff member. In addition to the founders and Editorial staff of Buck Feris, Matt Barton and Bill Loguidice, David Torre joined the team as our first Editorial Assistant. Over time, Armchair Arcade will continue to expand staff as necessary to bring you more, longer and better issues faster. If you would like to volunteer to help with the technical aspects of Armchair Arcade, please drop us a note.

Our latest issue features eight articles that continue the editorial precedents set by our previous issues. We have three fascinating interviews, several reviews and analyses, and a few surprises. One article is focused on why and how you should write for Armchair Arcade and drives home the important point that the publication is open to submissions from anyone with decent writing abilities and a great idea. Submit your article idea today!

Issue 3's articles:

Discworld MUD: Slinging Dirt with David Bennett
by Buck Feris
Many of our readers may be unfamiliar with MUDs, or multi-user dungeon games. These games introduce players into a shared gaming environment fraught with perils from popular fantasy or science fiction literature. Bennet's Discworld MUD is based on Terry Pratchett's humerous fantasy novels. Read all about the modern MUDDING scene in this candid interview.

Keeping Things in Perspective: First Person Shooters Vs. Platform Games
by David Torre
Most modern games offer players a "first person" perspective that supposedly immerses them more deeply into gaming environments that their older 2-D counterparts. In this article, David questions this assumption and demonstrates how, in many cases, 2-D perspective offers players better control over their avatars.

Atari 2600 Expanded Homebrew Review: Thrust+ Platinum Edition
by Bill Loguidice
Bill takes a look at the latest version of the popular Atari 2600 homebrew title, Thrust+ Platinum Edition. Is it worthy to stand alongside the best commercial releases of the past? Read-on to find out...

The Videogame in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
by Matt Barton
As multinational corporations move further to enforce their law-given monopolies over their "intellectual property," videogame players and makers are sure to suffer. This article, intentionally polemical, explores the issue of intellectual property in the context of videogame history, revealing how innovation is stifled when intellectual property law becomes too severe.

Good Deal Games: An Interview with Michael Thomasson
by Bill Loguidice
In this interview-based piece, Bill gives us the latest news from Michael Thomasson and Good Deal Games, which among many other things publishes new games for classic and orphaned systems.

The Power Glove Lives!
by Matt Barton and David Torre
Remember the Power Glove for the NES? This is a brief tour through the history of the Power Glove and review of the new P5 controller.

Songbird Productions: An Interview with Carl Forhan
by Bill Loguidice
In this interview-based piece, Bill gets the scoop from Carl Forhan of Songbird Productions on what it means to be a modern day Atari L y n x and Atari Jaguar developer and publisher.

Why Write for Armchair Arcade?
by Matt Barton
In this editorial, Matt describes some possible categories for videogame criticism and offers advice for aspiring writers, scholars, and critics who are eager to write about videogames.

Our thanks to everyone who has supported us and we look forward to a continued bright future with both old and new friends.