Will you BUILD or BUY your next gaming rig?

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Building Is In!

I've wanted to build my own rig for years and will start to procure the components in the next couple of months. The problem is my component list keeps on changing as I wait to see "what will come next". Now, I could go out and buy a rig, but I have this urge to build it and I don't know why...

I think my problem is I keep asking "experts" at my office what "they've" done and, of course, they've all done different things and all of them have the "perfect" system. One thing is for sure I'll have to wait until last to get the vid card and power supply!!

I forgot to add that I too have come to the realization that gaming on the PC is a race against hardware that I'm pretty tired of. I'm building my own PC mainly for the purpose of using the web, and, playing particular multiplayer games of the FPS variety. I've got 4 workstations in the house now as a result of upgrading, the wife having her own, and the kids. None are powerhouse rigs, with the exception of my wife due to the fact that she is into digital pics and graphic intensive applications.

Bottom line is I'm building my own just to say that I did it.


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