Randolph Carter Interviews Matt Barton

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Randolph Carter of "Reading the Text" has posted an interview with me concerning my gaming background, projects, and career. It's a good read for anyone hoping to follow in our footsteps as game book authors. :)


Rowdy Rob
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Cool article.

I'm surprised no one said anything about this, because you came off very well, Matt. As for following in your footsteps, I'm sure you'll all be looking forward to my upcoming book "Dungeons & Vintage Games."

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Bill Loguidice
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I purposely didn't read it

I purposely didn't read it until today because Randolph interviewed me after he did Matt. My interview is coming out Wednesday or Thursday. I'm always intrigued by our slightly different interpretations of the same events or feelings about things. Of course there are also numerous similarities, which is also nice, especially when neither one of us knows what the other said. Anyway, good stuff, Matt!

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Matt Barton
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"Dungeons and Vintage

"Dungeons and Vintage Games." That got a belly laugh out of me!

Who knows, maybe we'll have even better luck with NEStolgia. (How's THAT for a title...!)


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